Consulting Services

Intertek NTA can offer independent, expert advice ranging from technical matters to board level concerns

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Penetration Testing

Intertek NTA are specialists in identifying and, where appropriate, exploiting vulnerabilities in a wide variety of systems

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Assisting with Compliance

Intertek NTA has experience assisting organisations in meeting their compliance requirements

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A high-end provider of information security consultancy,
auditing and penetration testing services

Our Story

Who we are

Intertek NTA is a leading provider of consultancy, auditing and penetration testing services, focusing on specialist, cost-effective, honest and independent advice.

We thrive on building lasting relationships with organisations to provide a flexible, responsive and pragmatic approach to our services.

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What we do

As more and more organisations hold sensitive information, the need to protect this information increases.

Intertek NTA utilises a practical approach which translates across many sectors to encourage vigorous, sustainable security, regardless of standards or regulation.

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Why choose us

Intertek NTA employ an elite team of experienced individuals whose priority is to provide exceptional customer service.

Whether you require advice, testing of defences, or are looking to improve staff awareness, we have the expertise.

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Our Services


Whatever information security related assistance you require, Intertek NTA will provide you with independent, un-biased advice. We take on your challenges as our own, going out of our way to find the best solution for your business.

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Whether you’re looking for a straightforward and reliable vulnerability assessment to keep tabs on internal or external network vulnerabilities; a full wheels-up manual penetration test to give your network a thorough workout; or to validate the build of a newly launched system, Intertek NTA can tailor its testing to suit.

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If your organisation is engaged in activities that come under the control of a regulator, or if you would like to be aligned with a particular standard or industry best practise, Intertek NTA provides assistance, advice and assurance to help you understand, meet and manage your compliance requirements.

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