What We Do

Information security has become an increasing priority for organisations, with the need to secure sensitive data as paramount. As a result, Intertek NTA offers a variety of consultancy, auditing and penetration testing services to help keep possible risks and vulnerabilities at bay.

Whilst pen testing remains a core part of our business, we have grown Intertek NTA to be more of an information security specialist – a “trusted partner” – supporting organisations that are working towards ISO 27001 certification or PCI compliance, those looking to improve their security governance or risk assessment processes, and those grappling with pressing issues such as security awareness training, incident readiness, cloud, BYOD, SIEM etc.

Intertek NTA are a partner who can work with you towards a successful outcome on any information security project. For more information, see our services below:

*Intertek Business Assurance does not provide consulting services for management systems certification. Any consulting activities provided by Intertek are separated and independent from testing and certification activities and undergo a regular detailed risk analysis to ensure impartiality is maintained.